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Making Your Machines Think and Co-Operate

We have expertise in developing cutting-edge custom products tailored to your specific requirements in areas such as onboard software, fleet management, and maintenance software.

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Our solutions

We develop and deliver specialized software solutions that are tailored to the unique needs and challenges of cargo handling and logistics companies and other industry stakeholders.

More development speed for your robot software.


Use more human resources for algorithms, less for infrastructure. Flexbot equips you with a ready-to-use, streamlined infrastructure that accelerates your product development.

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Streamline your maintenance processes.


Are you struggling with a bundle of outdated maintenance software that poses challenges in terms of maintenance and distribution across your vehicle maintenance and support network? TruckTool is a software solution that addresses your specific needs, enhances productivity, and streamlines your maintenance processes.

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More throughput from your fleet.

Fleet management

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Selected references

With the help of our solutions, our customers have been able to deal with complex logistics challenges, and deliver goods accurately and on time. Find out what our customers such as Kalmar and Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe have achieved with our help!

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We can help you build groundbreaking custom products that maximize the intelligence and performance you need.

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