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Control of mobile robots and robot swarms

Atostek has extensive experience in software for mobile machines and machine groups. Together with our well-known customers, we have developed both machine-specific onboard software and optimized collaboration algorithms and server software for robot groups and swarms. Our references also cover maintenance software for mobile machinery.

Onboard software

Atostek has developed onboard software for its customers to be installed in mobile machines, which take care of environmental observation, sensor fusion, navigation, as well as steering of engines and other acting equipment, among other things. Thanks to our engineering skills, in addition to software development, we are able to help our customers with the measurement and control technology needed for onboard software and in mechanical modelling.

We are investing in the productization of our Onboard software expertise in our Flexbots project funded by Business Finland, where we are building a next generation software platform for mobile robots.

Control of machine groups

In particular, in the field of goods handling and logistics, robotic mobile machines work in groups or flocks of different sizes. For example, the automated container port has high ship-to-shore cranes, straddle carriers driven with rubber wheels, and large warehouse cranes that move on long rails.

Everyone shares the tasks of unloading and loading ships, as well as managing the port’s container storage areas and connection to ground logistics as efficiently as possible.

Atostek develops machine group control software in cooperation with its reputable customers Cargotec Finland and Rocla (as of April 1, 2020, Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe).

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Maintenance software

Together with Rocla (as of April 1, 2020, Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe) Atostek has developed diagnostic and maintenance software for forklifts. TruckTool’s single user interface can be used to service a wide range of forklift models.

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