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IT development and consulting

Acquiring information systems is not easy. At worst, failures may prove both expensive and spectacular. To ensure that every acquisition is a success, we offer you our IT developer services.

Let our experienced IT developer consultants design your project, divide it into easily manageable parts and guide and oversee the implementation. Our wide range of references includes projects such as the modernization Fintraffic Road’s large-scale road traffic control system.

On the customer’s team – By your side right from the start

Through the course of an information system project, our IT developer consultants are always on the customer’s side. They define, plan and steer the implementation. They tender and monitor the work of different suppliers and keep an eye out for your interests. If you encounter problems, our consultants are always there to help. They will even jump on an ongoing project to solve existing crises.

Careful project preparation is important. Instead of just making a detailed requirement specification, it pays off to make a clear plan of how the project will actually be carried out. It is also good to collect information about the different solutions available and plan the higher-level architecture. Even large and seemingly impossible projects can be implemented on schedule and within budget if they are organized carefully.

We are by your side from the start, steering the process.

Support from enterprise architecture

The development of information systems is always closely connected to business activities and processes. In information system projects, enterprise architecture management often ends up falling short of what is required. This is often due to the fact that the enterprise architecture is separated from other development. The implementation of enterprise architecture management and enterprise architecture development form an integral part of the work of an IT developer consultant.

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