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IT Developer and Consulting Services

It’s not a simple task to purchase a large information technology system. In the worst case, failures could be expensive and spectacular. We offer a dedicated IT Developer Service to ensure successful project implementation. Our experienced IT Developer Consults plan your project, divide it in smaller units for easier management, and supervise and control the implementation. Our success stories include a large project in which the Finnish road traffic control system user interface was renovated by Finnish Road Administration.

On Customer’s side

In all projects, our IT Developer Consults are always working on the on customer’s side. They specify, design and manage. They do procurement and supervise the contractors’ work, and they have their customer’s best interest at their heart at all times. They solve problems, even in cases where they enter late in a project already in crisis.

Customer support starting from a preliminary study or a project plan

Careful project planning is important also when agile methodology is applied. Instead of a detailed requirement specification, a clear project implementation plan is needed. In addition to this, it’s useful to gather market information on existing solutions and design a high level architecture. By means of careful organisation, even the largest projects can be kept within the budget and the timetable.

Enterprise Architecture provides additional support

Developing an information system is tightly linked to the business and processes. Enterprise Architecture supports to manage the whole picture, but in many cases it’s neglected and isolated. One duty of the IT Developer Consult is to perform and develop Enterprise Architecture management.

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