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Easy connection to Finland’s national Kanta services

Atostek ERA services provide healthcare and social welfare providers with a fast and easy connection to Finland’s national Kanta services. ERA services are suitable for companies of all sizes, from startups using apps to regional providers with healthcare solutions.

ERA services can be accessed via browser or integrated with your patient information system. Certification and maintenance are handled on your behalf.

Easy deployment of the features you prefer

Atostek eRA has a wide range of features and is continuously expanding. Getting started is easy: just choose the elements you need right now.

ERA Arkisto

For the direct data entry and viewing of data in the Patient Data Repository, via Kela’s Kanta services.

ERA Kansa

For entering and viewing client data in the social welfare archive.

ERA Laboratorioille

A laboratory system interface enables automatic data entry to Kanta from various systems, without manual card-based interaction.

ERA Resepti

An electronic prescription service requiring only a web browser, internet connection and an affordable card reader.

ERA Lomakkeet

Search for and store medical certificates and statements via a cloud service or integrated solution.

ERA Osva

Outsourcing service entries directly into your register, based on the producer and organizer’s tools.

ERA Kvarkki

Functionality of image archive for Kela’s Kanta services.

ERA SmartCard

All ERA services include the ERA SmartCard driver, enabling authentication with a smart card and electronic signatures. A driver is also available for iOS and Android systems, and can be purchased separately.

Say goodbye to pointless, old information systems!

ERA Siirto for organizations

You can transfer old patient data to Kela’s Kanta repository from any health and social welfare information system.

Organizations can achieve major cost savings by archiving old patient and social welfare client data in the Kanta repositories, and winding down their old information systems.


Deploy ERA right away, or add it to your patient information system

Atostek ERA is suitable for all providers. It can be deployed quickly and easily as a browser-based version in small clinics, or serve as a platform for a completely new application.

I am a healthcare or social welfare service provider and want to learn more about ERA services

Thanks to our intuitive web interface, you can even use Kanta services without a patient information system.

I am a system vendor or would like ERA services to be integrated with my information system

By connecting to Kanta services through Atostek ERA, you can avoid heavy integration and testing, and long approval processes. You will also save time and money.

ERA Kokonaiskuva

ERA Kokonaiskuva combines patient data from Kanta services into an intuitive format.

In busy clinics, being able to read patient histories at a glance saves lots of time and improves patient safety.

Contact Atostek and we’ll tell you how to obtain a fast connection to Kela’s Kanta services.