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Flexbot: Specification-Driven Framework for Building Autonomous Machine Software

Flexbot is a revolutionary robot software platform designed to accelerate your product development while saving costs. This platform automates the complex, and concurrent software construction process, enabling developers to focus on creating algorithms and shaping business logic.

Key figures


faster time to market


saved maintenance cost


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Key Features

  • Automated Software Construction: Flexbot automates the generation of messaging, component isolation, and concurrency management streamlining the software development process.
  • Focus on Algorithms: By providing a pre-built platform, Flexbot allows you to direct your resources towards developing algorithms and shaping your business logic.
  • Error Reduction: Flexbot’s message-based paradigm simplifies development by dividing tasks into manageable subtasks and reducing the possibility of errors.
  • Evolutive Development: Flexbot supports the development of new applications as well as the refactoring and development of pre-existing applications. It can be deployed incrementally, allowing for software evolution with minimal disruption.
  • Compatibility with ROS 2: Flexbot-generated components can co-exist and seamlessly communicate with ROS 2 nodes.


Speed and Cost Efficiency

Flexbot significantly accelerates the process of robot software engineering and reduces costs by automating the necessary details of software construction.

Get Rid of Vendor Lock

Flexbot is licensed for an unlimited time, and with source code.

Manageable Architecture

With the messaging network generated from a specification, the specification is always up-to-date with the implementation, ensuring the architecture remains manageable.

Ideal for

Flexbot is ideal for businesses and developers involved in autonomous machine software engineering, looking to accelerate their product development, reduce costs, and streamline their software construction process.

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