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Transition to the next generation of your robot software

Are you dissatisfied with the capabilities of your current robot software? Does the development process feel both expensive and challenging? Download our white paper and learn how to simplify, speed up, and cost-optimize your robot software development.

More development velocity for your robot software

Developing robot software doesn’t have to be costly or overly challenging. Download our white paper to discover how you can:

  • Reduce costs while accelerating and streamlining your development process.
  • Enable your organization to prioritize algorithm development over platform building.
  • Reduce errors and scale effortlessly.

Unlock cost savings

Our latest white paper is here to guide you towards a brighter future in robot software development. Discover how you can streamline your product development, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

  • With Flexbot, the software is mapped to single or multiple processors by the specification. There is no need to modify algorithms in order to scale the software up from a single processor to multiple computers.
  • Flexbot can be deployed incrementally without a complete rewrite of the old software.
  • Flexbot also complements ROS 2, offering versatility in deployment either independently or alongside other ROS 2 components.

Download now

Curious about the benefits Flexbot offers? Book a meeting and let’s explore the possibilities together!

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