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Software Engineering

Your business has individual needs – whether you require software as part of your product, for internal processes, quality assurance, or production, our software engineering expertise is designed to meet your unique requirements. At Atostek, we specialize in developing top-class software solutions that accelerate the advancement and growth of your business.

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Problem-Solving Software Engineers

We go beyond just coding and delve into problem solving to provide solutions that meet your needs at every level. Our software engineering expertise covers the entire software development life cycle. You can turn to us if you’re looking for a flexible and reliable partner for services such as service design, project management, technical planning, or IT consulting. We develop secure applications and solutions that protect sensitive data and meet the industry’s strictest requirements.

Our experts are committed to understanding your special requirements and producing significant added value for your company. Our professionals are highly educated, most holding a Master’s or Doctoral degree and a strong background in software engineering. The combination of advanced academic qualifications and professional experience makes our team excel in solving complex software challenges.

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We aim to build long-term partnerships with our clients, and we believe that open communication and collaboration are keys to a successful software development project. With the help of our software solutions, our customers have been able to deal with complex challenges.

Why Choose Atostek?

Your problem is our problem

“Our biggest challenge was the streaming of video data. That was a surprise for us, as the hardware should have enabled it, but it didn’t. We had to restructure the whole process with Atostek. They solved the problem with software and were very innovative.”

– Taito Alahautala, Cavitar

Swift execution, robust process

“As a former software developer, I was impressed by Atostek’s ability to release new versions swiftly and quickly, despite following a strict release and testing process.”

– Sami Krank, NordLab

We think outside of the box

“Atostek helped us identify major areas of development and created an excellent plan and documentation to aid implementation. We expect to streamline our operations, optimize turnover times and costs, and to adopt ultramodern internal logistics solutions.”

– Janne Nieminen, ABB

ISO Certification

We have been awarded ISO 9001 certification for project management and ISO 13485 certification for medical devices and software, which covers the development of medical software for customers. We guarantee that we work in accordance with the requirements of the regulation.

We Also Offer

AI and Data

Are you looking for ways to improve quality and increase productivity in your business? Do you want to make better, data-driven decisions and shape your company’s vision for the future? At Atostek, we understand how AI and data can revolutionise your business processes.

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Cloud Service Management

Cloud services are an effective way to ensure that your business applications and services are easily accessible, secure and scalable. For example, we manage the development and maintenance of more demanding applications on public cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

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Service Design

Do you want to stand out from your competitors and offer both unique and user-centric solutions? Atostek’s service design enables software and business practices to be tailored to each context and situation, ensuring user satisfaction and business profitability.

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User Experience Design

Usability and user experience are an important part of good and functional software. Atostek offers a wide range of methods for user experience evaluation and design.

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