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User experience design

Usability and user experience are important aspects of good and functional software. Atostek offers a wide range of methods to evaluate and design user experience.

Usability and user experience in software

Software usability and a good user experience are important for ensuring, among other things, the efficiency and comfort of using the services. UX design refers to various methods that aim to identify users’ real needs and ensure the usability of interaction and a good user experience when using the service. With Atostek’s UX design, you can be sure that these methods are utilized.

A wide range of methods

In order to determine the user’s real needs, it is important that background research has been carried out carefully and that the end users, as well as the actual operating environment, are taken into account in the best possible way. In order to design a user interface that is easy-to-use and ensures a positive user experience, it must be possible to take the source data into account, choose the right design, and follow the recognized design principles, depending on the situation.

A variety of scientifically researched testing methods can be used to assess and develop both old and new products. Test methods may also be applied, for example, for the assessment of the product to be bought or for assessing the implementation of the usability requirements.

You can buy the entire design process, or utilize one or more methods for the development of your software at Atostek. You can also use agile and easy UX consulting alongside any project to support usability and user experience.

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