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Software Development for Medical Devices

Atostek offers services for the software development of medical devices. We have been awarded the ISO 13485 certificate for medical devices and software, which applies to development of medical software for clients. We guarantee that we operate in accordance with the applicable regulatory requirements.

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Non-road mobile machinery

We develop high-quality software solutions for autonomous machines, along with specialized software designed to meet your specific needs. Our expertise covers several areas, including onboard software for mobile machines, fleet management, and maintenance software.

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eHealth and eSocial

We provide expert information system expertise and consulting services. We have a strong track record in these areas, as we have been developing information systems since our founding. We are especially skilled in health care processes and information system architectures. The solutions we offer are both easy to use and data-secure.

Software Design

High-quality software design is much more than just experience in a particular language or tool. It is professional project management, industry knowledge and ability to familiarize yourself with new application areas, persistence, problem-solving capabilities, not forgetting the desire to serve and listen to the customer.

We don’t run out of solutions even if, in addition to coding, we should be handling difficult equations in addition to physical modelling of the world.

Software and product development

Service Design

Atostek designs not only software, but often starts with service design. The software is part of a service package that focuses on both users and the business objectives of the service.

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User Experience Planning

Usability and user experience are important aspects of good and functional software. Atostek offers a wide range of methods to evaluate and design user experience.

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IT Development and Consulting

Information system projects can be heavy and difficult. However, our IT developer consultant service facilitates the implementation of the information system projects in an agile and cost-effective way. We know the public sector information systems, the complexities of the Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts and master the overall architecture methods.

Machine Vision Applications

Modern machine vision technology enables amazing applications. Atostek has successfully designed and implemented a number of machine vision solutions for automatic quality control, damage detection and camera-controlled positioning.

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AI and Machine Learning, Data Science and Big Data

Use methods of the future to improve your business results today! We know artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, big data and their different applications. These tools allow companies to effectively generate significant customer and business value.

Cloud Services

Modern software and services are increasingly operating in the cloud. Atostek offers know-how and solutions for public, private and hybrid clouds.

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Secondary Use of Health Data

Through secondary use, anonymized data from health and social services can be used for research purposes. When a large amount of data is manipulated by means of artificial intelligence or statistical methods, it is possible to develop tools for disease risk prediction and for screening, for example.

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