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Customer-oriented product development

We design information systems and implement software. In the last 20 years, we have delivered a dental imaging software, an enterprise resource planning system customised for PET centres, an automatic fleet management routing application, a maintenance software for industrial trucks, a cloud service for electronic prescription, and a machine vision system for road surface damage recognition, among several other implementations of varying sizes and intricacies.

The basis of our solutions is always customer’s genuine need. It is essential to fully understand what the customer wants to achieve with the software and how the software will be used before starting the actual development. The customer need always takes priority over technical trends. Choice of methods and tools follows.

Your partner in finding the solution for you

We are your partner from the beginning to the end. We start together by defining the need and the goal and proceed with a feasibility study or a prototype when necessary. We ensure successful deployment of your project and make sure it is on schedule and stays within the agreed budget. The purchased service always includes the full range of expertise and knowledge Atostek has to offer.

Multidisciplinary knowledge

Our software designers have Master’s level education, have practical knowledge in a multitude of applications and they also update their knowhow regularly. The unique strength of each of our experienced developers is a wide knowledge base together with a deeper understanding in one to three unique fields or applications areas. We have experts for, e.g. designing graphic user interfaces, healthcare systems or industrial product development.

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