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PET ERP – enterprise resource planning system for PET centres

PET imaging is on the cutting edge of modern medical diagnostics. Designed specifically for PET centres, Atostek’s PET ERP is the only ERP that also includes a laboratory information management system (LIMS) that meets the requirements of GMP guidelines. This brand-new system is already in place at Turku PET Centre which is one of the largest PET imaging centres in Europe.

Optimizing the throughput of medical testing and research studies

PET ERP enables seamless flow of information within an entire PET centre as it includes everything from resource allocation, scan request managing and scheduling to managing imaging templates, tracer production and tracer batches. Preliminary results show that PET ERP has significantly improved throughput of medical testing of cancer patients at Turku PET Centre.

Integrating with other systems

PET ERP can be integrated with various existing systems. Examples of this are pharmacy information system, PACS, radiological systems and document management systems, which were all included in the system implementation for Turku PET Centre. In addition, an instrument integration with any laboratory instruments can be included in LIMS. In the case of Turku PET Centre, integrations included synthesis device, cyclotron, HPCL-instruments, analysis scale and many other laboratory instruments.

One of a kind

PET ERP is a unique system that brings any PET centre to the frontlines of digitalization.

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