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A specialist in the software sector

Atostek is a strong player in healthcare and medical applications, industrial product development and public-sector IT consulting. We also have our own health and medical information system products, such as Atostek eRA and PET ERP.

Our offices are located in Hermia, Tampere, and Otaniemi, Espoo. We currently have around 100 employees. Our credit rating has been AAA since 2006.

Our staff are university-educated, or about to complete their studies. We have interdisciplinary software developers, project managers, UX designers and experienced IT consultants. We work in close collaboration with our customers and each other. When you purchase services from Atostek, you gain our full range of expertise rather than just individual resources.


These values have been chosen together with the Atostek staff.

We seek to earn the trust of our customers and each other. Trust is the basis of successful cooperation. It also means open sharing of information internally: we firmly believe in the power of shared knowledge and understanding.

Trust is about having the courage to be open and vulnerable. We want to bring difficult issues into the open, own up to errors and shortcomings, learn from them, and develop.

Trust means involving people, and giving them space. We show trust by giving everyone the opportunity to work on their ideas, participate and express their views. We also give everyone the space they need to succeed through their own professionalism, and to take on more responsibility as they gain more experience.

Trust is the basis of a good working atmosphere. We work and strive for success together.

We respect each other, our customers, our partners and our competitors. We treat everyone politely and kindly.

People have different starting points, characteristics, working methods, life situations and goals. We accept diversity and take account of everyone’s individual characteristics and needs. We treat everyone equally.

We seek to combine the company’s goals with those of individuals. We take account of individual wishes in career development and combining work with other aspects of life.

Our trust in each other’s friendly and respectful attitudes emboldens us to speak out and be honest about drawbacks. We don’t expect everyone to be the same, but we do expect everyone to respect each other. For us, it is important that everyone feels safe about being themselves.

The value we produce for customers is based on the knowledge and skills of our employees. We strive for continuous and goal-oriented self-development in step with developments in the sector, and with demand and customer needs.

Although we are educated at school and college, self-development continues throughout working life — through work itself and time set aside for studying.

We enable our employees to specialize in one or a few areas of expertise in addition to their broad education focused on our sector.

For us, self-development also means continuous evaluation and development of Atostek’s operations. We learn from our customers and employees. Mistakes cannot be avoided, but we view them as an opportunity to learn.

Our mission is to use our professional skills to solve customers’ problems. We act rationally and with foresight. We analyze the customer’s actual need, ensure that we have sufficient initial data, and try to identify problems and suggest solutions to them as early as possible.

Our schedule estimates are realistic and we keep our promises. We are also prepared for changes and for risks being realized. Because mistakes will happen, the key issue is how to act when they arise.

Good communication is a matter of honor for us. We listen, explain and take notes. We remember what we agreed, and we also remind the customer and each other of important issues.

Quality policy

We aim to be a vendor of high-quality software services and a leading provider of healthcare SaaS solutions in Finland.

We achieve this in our daily work in the following ways:

  • We appreciate the problem-solving skills our staff use to pinpoint the root cause of problems.
  • We perform a thorough analysis of our customers’ and users’ requirements, and react accordingly.
  • We lead by example, are supportive and continuously develop our organization.
  • We encourage all personnel to learn through their own work and develop the company’s operations.
  • We fulfil regulatory requirements applicable to our products and services.

Contact us


Mika Torhola

Managing Director
+358 50 412 3453


Miika Parvio

Healthcare software
Atostek eRA
+358 45 113 8881

Juhana Helovuo

Product Development
+358 40 822 9299

Risto Pitkänen

Public sector IT consultation
Atostek marketing and communications
+358 40 576 2064

Tomi Javanainen

Product development
+358 45 113 8882


Jaakko Perkiö

Public sector IT consultation
Atostek IT
+358 44 2787599

Juho Leppämäki

Sales, Medical Device Software Development
+358 45 113 8883


Jani-Petteri Peltovuori

eRA Sales
+358 40 523 0250

Tuomas Fjällstrom

Public sector IT
+358 45 171 2005

Jeri Haapavuo

Sales, Espoo
+358 45 147 4006

Matti Helminen

Sales, Espoo
+358 45 171 2110

Annukka Jokela

Financial coordinator
Invoice queries
+358 45 224 8645

Annamari Lehtinen

HR specialist
+358 45 645 6394

Ida Pellinen

Marketing and communications specialist
+358 45 7834 1449

Ria Väisänen

Office assistant
+358 45 113 0300

Riikka Ala-Hulkko

Marketing coordinator
+358 45 69 10543
On a leave of absence


Established 1999

Business ID: 1571997-4

Hermiankatu 3 A, 33720 Tampere

Vaisalantie 6, 02130 Espoo

+358 45 113 0300

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