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Atostek ID

With the Atostek ID smart card reader software, you can strongly authenticate and sign documents digitally. The solution can be used as a desktop application, on mobile, or as a library. Atostek ID is a secure and user-friendly software.

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Atostek ID
– Identification and Digital Signing

The card reader software operates in conjunction with a smart card equipped with a digital certificate. Smart cards provide a high level of data security, encryption, and strong authentication. With the help of these technologies, personal information remains protected, and the risk of breaking the encryption is exceptionally small.

The Atostek ID smart card reader software can be customized and adapted as part of your organization’s overall solution. You can use the solution as a desktop application, on mobile, or as a library. The mobile application extends the capabilities of smart cards, as you can authenticate independently of your location, anytime and anywhere. Atostek ID can also be integrated as a library into any system, eliminating the need for a separate application.

The Official Card Reader Software of DVV

Atostek ID is the official card reader software and mobile application selected by the Finnish Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV). With the Atostek ID card reader software, healthcare professionals, officials from other sectors, and citizens can strongly authenticate and sign documents.

The desktop version of Atostek ID will become available through DVV for professional card users during the year 2024. You can read more about upcoming changes here.

User-Friendly Software

Atostek ID software offers comprehensive and clear installation and user instructions to facilitate its use. The software provides support for multiple operating systems, interfaces, and card types. Atostek ID was formerly known as ERA SmartCard.

Not all features and services are available through DVV – if you are interested in additional features, ask for more information from our expert!

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