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Machine Vision Applications

Are you looking for a machine vision solution to meet your business needs? Machine vision can be used to improve the quality of goods and services, streamline processes and develop new innovative products.

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Machine Vision Solutions for Demanding Environments

Machine vision can be utilized across various industries, such as in industrial quality control, automatic recognition in transportation, and imaging analysis in healthcare. Atostek’s expertise in machine vision includes image processing algorithms, machine learning, deep learning, and various tools related to these technologies.

Recognition, Classification and Navigation

A digital camera image can be used to recognise and classify different targets. Machine vision is a sense which helps robots to determine exact locations, to navigate, and to handle objects.

Rock Solid Experience in Software

In addition to machine vision software technology, we ar familiar with the necessary hardware and the required interfaces. We have applied multiple imaging technologies, such as cameras with matrix, line, and stereoscopic vision, 3D sacnners and X-Ray appliances. We have also implemented and inegrated several device drivers for camera interfaces.


The machine vision technology we have applied includes, e.g.,

  • Halcon
  • Matrix cameras
  • Line cameras
  • High-speed cameras
  • Stereoscopic cameras
  • 3D-scanners
  • X-Ray appliances



Machine Vision – Five Things to Consider When
Buying a Machine Vision Solution

Machine vision has permeated our daily lives, and its industrial applications have made remarkable strides in recent years. In our white paper, we break down the details of some of the main paths you can take in selecting a suitable approach to your machine vision needs.

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