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Cloud services

The world is using cloud services, and Atostek helps you get there.

Depending on the context, cloud services can refer to slightly different things, such as end-user and user organization applications from the cloud (for example, a browser-enabled email client or e-prescription app), public cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, and apps built on them, or hybrid solutions that integrate between cloud services and on-premises services.

Cloud apps

Atostek’s best reference of the applications offered from the cloud is our own eRA service. Atostek eRA is a National health archive (Kanta) access point for many user organizations and healthcare system providers, offered from the same cloud service, providing both integration interfaces and ready-made browser-based user interfaces.

eRA has been in production use for over five years and has thousands of doctors and other healthcare professionals as users.

Public cloud solutions

We have implemented applications and solutions based on public cloud platforms for many of our customers. The platforms we use the most are Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. For example, eRA Kokonaiskuva, one of our own productized services, is offered from the Azure cloud.

eRA Kokonaiskuva allows doctors to view the patient’s entire medical history at once by collecting the data from the Kanta service.

Hybrid cloud

The hybrid cloud refers to architecture that combines the services of the public cloud, the private cloud, and the traditional server environment. For example, the combination can aim for flexibility or better cost-effectiveness, or it can be an intermediate step on the way from on-premises environments to totally cloud-based services. Hybrid solutions are also needed when a cloud-based service needs integration with on-premises services due to data or processes, or vice versa.

When combining cloud-based applications and services, and components located in the traditional on-premises environment, the importance of information security is particularly emphasized. Atostek has the solutions and know-how to build VPN tunnels between the public cloud and organizational network services, for example.

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