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An ingenious service for monitoring brain activity – Atostek implemented a cloud service using the ISO 13485 quality system

Each individual’s brain is unique – brain scan analysis is even comparable to a fingerprint or a QR code. However, diagnosing brain injuries is often complicated. The service developed by Myndspan enables scientific proof of brain injuries or other diseases affecting brain function. Atostek developed a cloud service using an ISO 13485 compliant quality management system.

The functioning of the human brain has always fascinated researchers and new interesting research results are constantly obtained. Myndspan developed a tool that makes it easier to monitor brain activity. Atostek’s medical software expertise played a significant role in the development process.

Scientific proof of brain damage

Diagnosing different types or levels of brain injuries is difficult, as brain activity can’t be seen from the outside. Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is a functional neuroimaging technique for mapping brain activity. The tool developed by Myndspan detects changes in brain activity – in practice, this is done using MEG as objective data source and combining it with cognitive tests and self-reported information.

How does the service work? First, a professional takes a baseline analysis of the person’s brain in normal state using MEG technology. In addition to the brain scan, the person also fills in a questionnaire about their general health and does the cognitive test. If the person gets a concussion or other kind of brain injury, the brain is scanned again. Finally, by comparing the person’s own previous data set, the user can assess if the person has a brain injury or not. 

This is valuable information, for example, among professional athletes. In addition, the service makes it possible to identify various diseases before the actual symptoms appear.

Reliable medical device expertise

Myndspan provided the algorithm that analyses the MEG data, and Atostek implemented a cloud service to support the analysis. The development process required Atostek’s medical software expertise as the software was developed under Atostek’s ISO 13485 certified processes.

Through our collaborative efforts with Atostek, we have succeeded in creating a new kind of solution for monitoring the human brain. The cooperation has gone smoothly and the solid expertise of Atostek’s medical software has played a decisive role throughout the project,” says Janne Huhtala, CEO of Myndspan.

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