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3 tips on how to avoid healthcare hacking in the future

A cyber security specialist lists three ways to avoid a disaster like the Vastaamo hacking incident: “Under no circumstances, should information systems show any patient information to end users without strong authentication”. The hacking of the Psychotherapy Center Vastamo, reported…


RustDDS – Data Distribution Service implemented in Rust

RustDDS is a networking middleware implemented in Rust programming language. Atostek’s RustDDS is now freely available for all robot developers. DDS is an essential part of ROS 2 based robot applications. Unfortunately there were no pure Rust DDS implementations available,…


Machine learning boosts problem-solving for industry

Traditional machinery and equipment manufacturers have long been shifting from machinery production only, towards data management. Several kinds of data are being gathered on machinery and its use: maintenance data, data on parts in production batches, customer contacts, problem solving,…