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Agile development and ISO 13485 standard quality with ERA: Laboratory results Kanta-archiving solution delivered to NordLab in record time

Atostek delivered a structured and regulation-compliant laboratory results Kanta-archiving solution to NordLab in record time. The solution utilizes Atostek’s ERA service, which is an A3-class system developed in accordance with the ISO 13485 standard.

The solution delivered to Nordlab utilizes the ERA service, which enables the agile development of health and safety information systems and applications related to Kela’s Kanta services and utilizing their data.

Agile development with an ISO 13485 standard system

With the help of ERA, the delivery and implementation of laboratory results Kanta-archiving for NordLab were achieved in a fast timeframe, the delivery and implementation project took about 4.5 months in total. ERA is an A3-class system and is developed in accordance with the ISO 13485 standard.

“We were able to make last-minute changes quickly, even though systems compliant with the ISO 13485 standard are often perceived as slow to modify. The functionality for structured recording and its technical interface were already available in ERA, but the technical interface had to be adapted to the customer’s environment on a tight schedule,” summarizes Atostek’s Business Director Miika Parvio.

“As a former software developer, I was impressed by Atostek’s ability to release new versions of ERA swiftly and quickly, despite following a strict release and testing process,” continues Sami Krank, the IT Director of NordLab.

Excellent collaboration

After the implementation, an average of about 700,000 laboratory results flow through ERA to Kanta per month – it is a significant amount for a single organization.

“The user experiences have been good. On the very first day, over 9,000 laboratory results flowed into Kanta,” Krank reports.

Although the schedule was tight, the collaboration was very successful.

“The cooperation with Atostek was extremely smooth, and we didn’t have to worry. Of course, the schedule was a concern because it was extremely tight. However, Atostek did what they promised,” Krank summarizes.

NordLab wellbeing consortium is a public-owned laboratory sector operator, owned by four northern well-being areas. Its mission is to secure the operations of healthcare in Northern Finland by ensuring that the well-being areas have access to high-quality, reliable laboratory services that are at the forefront of industry development..