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Intelligence for the control of robot swarms – Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe increased automated forklift control system transport capacity by 38%

The route optimization system developed jointly by Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe and Atostek significantly improved the transport capacity of the automated forklift system.

In large logistics centers and warehouses, there are often dozens of automated guided vehicles (AGV) in simultaneous use. For performance reliability, it is crucial that AGV forklifts can operate efficiently and conflict-free. Cooperation must be planned and coordinated so that the routes and actions of individual robots don’t interfere with each other. If these challenges are not properly addressed, it can lead to inefficiency, the need for human intervention, or material damage.

Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe’s (MLE) automated forklifts and their control system are world-class. The automation system developed by MLE and Atostek brings intelligence to the control of robot swarms. Thanks to the route optimization system, the transport capacity of automated forklifts increased by 38%.

Advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence

Previously, the control system for automated forklifts relied on traffic rules. Now, MLE’s control system utilizes advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. The system plans and optimizes the routes of forklifts, for example, in large warehouses or logistics centers. Additionally, the system controls the movements of forklifts and monitors battery charge in real-time. This increases operational reliability, preventing, for example, traffic jams.

Thanks to intelligent swarm control, the system units can be added or removed dynamically without the need to change traffic rules. The control system can also react quickly to unexpected situations.

Atostek has been an excellent partner from the beginning. Together, we have developed a fully automated control system, allowing the swarms of AGV forklifts to operate intelligently in perfect cooperation.” Jani Mähönen, Vice President, Offering Development

Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe develops, manufactures, and markets electric warehouse and counterbalance forklifts, automated forklift systems, and comprehensive services throughout their lifecycle.