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One stop for family support services – The family portal brings information and support directly to the home, a national online service powered by DigiFinland, revolutionizes the way families access information and support. With Atostek’s expert IT consulting, the portal was crafted to prioritize user-friendliness and seamless functionality. simplifies the search for services, offering families with children a rich repository of resources for daily life. It enhances the support provided by clinics and other family services, striving to be a cornerstone in promoting family well-being.

Expert consulting for optimal planning and execution

Atostek’s consulting services were pivotal in product ownership, ensuring the maximization of the portal’s value and functionalities. This role involved outlining the requirements for the initial launch, setting priorities for the development team, and facilitating communication among various stakeholders.

A key objective during the design phase was to create a portal that would stand independently, minimizing the need for ongoing maintenance and avoiding reliance on external environments. The portal integrates services from a diverse array of contributors, including welfare regions, public and private sectors, the state, municipalities, and other national entities. It was crucial to devise a system that would remain unaffected by individual stakeholder actions, ensuring a stable and interdependent service ecosystem.

The outcome: A functional and user-friendly portal

The collaboration with Atostek has been marked by success. 

Cooperation and development with Atostek was excellent. Their skilled product owner enabled us to quickly mobilize the development team, and the foundational planning of the service was executed with precision,” remarks Hanna Manelius, Development Manager at DigiFinland.

DigiFinland is a special-purpose company in Finland promoting the digitalization of public administration.