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Intelligent forklift maintenance with cloud service solution

Atostek has long been involved with Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe (MLE) in the maintenance of the TruckTool application, which uses the Microsoft Azure cloud service.

TruckTool is an intelligent forklift truck maintenance and management software solution designed for use by service personnel. Atostek is involved in maintaining the software’s use of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive cloud service platform that provides computing power, databases, analytics, storage, and many other services for building and managing digital applications for businesses and developers through global data centers.

The versatile benefits of the cloud service solution

How does TruckTool utilize the Azure cloud service platform?

  • Through Azure, for instance, maintenance reports are sent and stored, forklift maintenance and product data are saved, and the current state of the forklifts is collected.
  • The data analysis tool available in Azure allows for the examination of error codes and the determination of forklift maintenance needs. The data analytics tool has been developed by MLE and Atostek.
  • The cloud service delivers support materials for forklift maintenance, such as maintenance instructions and spare parts catalogs, for the use of service personnel.
  • The cloud service also provides information about various usage rights.

Thanks to the cloud service platform, data can be easily collected in one place. By utilizing the data, valuable information can be obtained, for example, about the condition of the forklifts and potential maintenance needs. In addition, the solution enables the analysis and identification of typical faults in forklifts.

Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe develops, manufactures, and markets electric warehouse and counterbalance forklifts, automated forklift systems, and comprehensive services throughout their lifecycle.