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eHealth and eSocial

Digitalization can promote human health and wellbeing. In the social and health care field, the seamless flow of information is crucial – for example, in the early start of treatment and follow-up. Therefore, it makes sense to invest wisely in information systems and their functionality.

We provide expert information system expertise and consulting services. We have a strong track record in these areas, as we have been developing information systems since our founding. We are especially skilled in health care processes and information system architectures. The solutions we offer are both easy to use and data-secure.


We are experts of eHealth and eSocial, and at your service! In addition to building our own products, we have built custom systems and solutions for our government and private sector customers in the sector.

Through assignments carried out for Turku PET Centre in Turku, we have developed very extensive experience in the operation of this particular kind of organization and the related requirements. As a result of our work, Turku Pet Centre has been able to further improve its investment in research. The system has even halved the turnaround times for urgent examinations of cancer patients.

We are a framework contract supplier for Istekki, an information, health and wellness technology company. Together we supply healthcare systems integrations to the Pirkanmaa hospital district municipal authority (PSHP) and to the laboratory company Fimlab Laboratoriot.

UNA Oy is a company co-owned by a group of Finnish hospital districts that is building a nationwide healthcare and welfare information platform.

Expertise in health care integrations

A seamless and efficient flow of information is especially important in health care. We ensure that the systems you need are mutually compatible, and provide the necessary solutions. We have expertise in various communication standards and technologies, including HL7 CDA R2, and FHIR.

In addition, we have lengthy expertise in medical imaging for a long time, with a particular focus on DICOM and XDS standards.

Recibus and Clinibus

Recibus and Clinibus are our international product platforms for eHealth and eSocial applications. They replicate the advanced national architecture in use in Finland, but can be deployed anywhere in the world. They include both the back-end components needed for an organization-wide, regional, or national electronic healthcare or welfare record infrastructure, and the APIs and even web-based user interfaces required by integrating systems, and users such as doctors, hospitals, government officials, and pharmacies.

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Our other products

We have also applied our industry expertise to creating our own products. Among these are the Atostek ERA cloud-based Kanta access point, which is used by dozens of client organizations, and the PET ERP enterprise resource planning system for PET centers.

Want to learn more about our social and health care information system expertise? Contact us!