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Significant efficiency improvement by means of digitalisation

Customer relationship

Atostek has delivered several information systems to Turku PET Centre, including Peto – a management system for research information, a GMP compatible warehouse inventory system, Enterprise Resource Planning system PET ERP, and a GMP compatible LIMS system. In addition to those, we have contributed to the specification and refinement of internal processes, and designed and implemented several system integrations.

Thanks to the active co-operation with a PET centre, Atostek has developed a sound experience in PET centre operation and requirements. In 2012, Turku PET Centre chose Atostek to implement its largest IT project ever. This project aims for a Enterprise Resource Planning system covering the whole facility and the total project volume exceeds one Million euros.

Customer benefits

Atostek’s contribution has increased the number of examinations that can be performed using the existing resources. In addition to this, the throughput times of urgent examinations have improved significantly. Furthermore, the operational processes, data traceability and tracking have evolved along with the projects.

Turku PET Centre

Turku PET Centre performs medical and diagnostic research using PET (Positron Emission Tomography) imaging. Turku PET Centre is a distinguished world class facility with medical research customers active on global markets.

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