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Service Design, UX Design

Software is the key instrument to implement  a service. It must address the user’s need in the right manner and solve the right problems. This leads to a satisfied customer and a reached business goal.

Services and software

Software design at Atostek often requires Service Design. The software to be development is a part of a larger service entity, where the focus in in users and business goals. A profitable business is an indication of  a succesful software. Everybody wins, when software is designed to match the requirements of each event and context. The customer gets a product which does the expected. The user gets the best possible service.

Innovativeness, foresight, client-centred

A sound product and service is based on understanding the customer and creating value with the right services. As people and the world are constantly changing, so must the service constantly evolve and improve. Foresighting the future needs helps to create better services and more profitable business in the future.

Process automation

Atostek has a strong background in improving service processes. We help making the complicated systems and processes smoother by automatisation. A common example is the repeating process of manually copy data from one system to another, which could be automated.

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