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Service design

Atostek designs not only software, but often starts with service design. The software is part of a service package that focuses on both users and the business objectives of the service.

Software as part of the service

Software is an important service tool. It is important that the software is designed to meet the needs of the user, as well as to solve the right problem in the right way. On the other hand, the profitability of the business is also a condition for successful software. Atostek’s service design allows software and operating methods to be designed to suit any context and situation, ensuring users are satisfied and the business is profitable.

Planning the service as a whole

Providing a service that meets the user’s needs and solves the problem in the right way requires knowledge of the context and situation. For this reason, it is important to be able to familiarize yourself with background information and apply various methods to support the service design process.

The service, which ensures the profitability of the customer’s business, is created by understanding the customer and creating value with the right services. By anticipating future changes and needs, it is possible to offer insights, solutions and better services to ensure profitability going forward.

Atostek is happy to be responsible for your service in its entirety. For example, we have solid experience in improving and automating service processes and complex systems.

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