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Machine Vision Applications

Atostek is one of the leading Machine Vision experts in Finland. Our references include an application for road surface damage recognition that can be applied in a vehicle  driven at typical driving speeds. The customer was Destia, a Finnish contractor of road maintenance and construction.

Enabler of robotisation

Machine vision is a key technology in robotisation. Atostek has more than 15 years experience in designing and implementing Machine Vision applications.

Recognition, classification, navigation

A digital camera image can be used to recognise and classify different targets. Machine Vision is a sense which helps robots to determine exact locations, to navigate, and to handle objects.

Rock solid experience in software

In addition to Machine Vision software technology, we ar familiar with the necessary hardware and the required interfaces. We have applied multiple imaging technologies, such as cameras with matrix, line, and stereoscopic vision, 3D sacnners and X-Ray appliances. We have implemented and inegrated several device drivers for camera interfaces, such as composite, GigE, USB, Firewire, Camera Link and IP.

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