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Getting rid of old social care and health care information systems

Kanta tranfer – transfer old information into the Kanta archive

Kanta transfer is a quick and easy way to transfer information into Kela’s Kanta Services from old patient information systems that only enable you to view information.

If you order the Kanta transfer service from Atostek, you will save time and resources. We take care of the process from beginning to end with expertise and years of experience. Kanta transfer can be implemented from any system. We transfer information from old social care and health care systems either completely by ourselves or in cooperation with your system supplier.

Transferring information to the Kanta archive will result in considerable cost savings as the old information systems can be shut down. Once old information has been archived in the national archive, organizations will also be relieved of their archiving obligations related to the transferred system.

This is how Kanta transfer proceeds

ERA Siirto proceeds as described below. We will help you through all stages of the transfer process.


We will give you a fixed-price offer within two weeks. In order to make an offer, we need the initial information about the information systems to be transferred. We will do this in a free remote meeting.

Most of our offers are between 30,000 and 50,000 euros. Atostek is involved in many public-sector actors’ framework agreements, and you can also obtain the service through them.

The average payback period, calculated from the maintenance costs of the old system, is about three years.

Information systems

We have public references of successful projects in health care (Finstar, Mediatri, Effica and Lifecare) and social care (Pro Consona and Effica). We have also carried out several successful transfer projects and are currently working on more systems – our innovative technology has so far enabled us to retrieve information from all the systems we have come across.

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