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IT Modernization

Information systems often accumulate overlapping features over the years, resulting in inefficiency. What’s more, risks hiding in information systems, if realized, may paralyze the operations of the entire organization. The current state of information systems is often not even fully known, with problems only emerging when something breaks down. We will help you to find problems in your systems and save your money.

1. Initial Assessment

A quick initial assessment will determine whether your information systems have any latent risks, inefficiency, technical debt or features that result in excessive costs. The purpose of the initial assessment is to determine the current state of information systems and any necessary fixes.

2. Defining the Goals

Based on the initial assessment and the customer’s business targets, we create a plan of what the information system modernization is aiming to achieve. What kind of information system serves your organization best? Are you targeting an entirely new business or industry, want to cut costs, reduce information system risks, or all of the above?

3. Description of Overall Architecture

The processes, data flows and information systems in your organization are described by means of overall architectural planning. The result is an accurate description of the organization’s operation, information systems needed to implement it and a proposal on how the information systems must be changed to reach this goal.

The overall architectural description is given added detail through iteration together with the customer.

4. Making a Roadmap

Next you make a detailed plan on how to get from the current state of affairs to the goal.

The plan includes all information systems that must be added or removed, information system components, integrations and data migrations. We also schedule all measures and decide how they are implemented. We also decide for each item whether off-the-shelf software and off-the-shelf or tailored components will be chosen, or whether entirely new software will be created. We will also help you with competitive tendering.

5. Implementation of Changes

Implementation may be started already during the design stage if you discover items that can be fixed without having to wait for the entire plan to be complete.

In addition to planning, Atostek can also modernize your information system. Any such work is agreed on separately with the customer.

Overall Architecture

Overall architecture is well suited for the description of the operation, processes, and information systems of organizations. It is used to model not only information systems and data flows but also the organization’s operations and processes. Overall architecture design is particularly well suited for the description of complex organizations and information systems.

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