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Preventing IoT Cyber Attacks in the Operating Room


Novasano needed to set up a medical product development process suitable for secure medical applications for global markets and to get resources for the actual development work.


Atostek provided Novasano with an experienced development team capable of developing solutions to ensure cyber security in Healthcare environments. The team’s work processes and procedures were used as a model in founding Novasano’s own development units in Finland.

There are over 30,000 different implanted devices and this number is growing quickly. DevMan provides visibility and insight into cyber security issues and adverse effect of implanted devices for Health Care Delivery Organizations and patients.

Another application is the Medical Device Risk Assessment Platform which assists healthcare organisations and device manufacturers in understanding, analyzing and mitigating the security risks of their medical devices.

Customer benefits

Novasano managed to set up its local research and development activities in Finland in a very short time. The product development started immediately and is proceeding as planned. The local offices are well-organised and growing rapidly.
“We chose Atostek due to their sound expertise in developing software for medical applications. In general, stable infrastructure and world-class technical expertise brought us to Finland.”
David Chartier – CEO, Novasano

Novasano is helping the Healthcare and Industrial IoT sectors obtain more visibility, gain control and manage risk in the areas of cyber security and cyber quality of medical devices and industrial control systems.

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