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Archiving old social and health data brings cost savings – Atostek and Digital Workforce sign significant agreement

Atostek has signed a significant contract that includes a conversion and transfer service for customer and patient data for four different welfare regions.

The conversion and transfer service for customer and patient data will be implemented in the welfare regions of Southwest Finland, Satakunta, Ostrobothnia, and Kanta-Häme. The welfare regions have a total of over 130 systems to be transferred. Atostek and Digital Workforce will operate as subcontractors for 2M-IT.

When the old data is successfully archived, the welfare regions can be released from their obligations to maintain the old data. Atostek’s ERA service is utilized for the conversion and archiving of old data.

“We guarantee a secure testing environment, and based on our experience, comprehensive automatic checks have been implemented in our tools, which ensure the success of the transfers,” says Atostek’s Chief Sales Officer Tuomas Fjällström.

Why should old health and social data be archived?

Transferring data to the Kanta archive brings significant cost savings, as the old information systems can be shut down. Once the old data is archived in the national archive, the organization’s obligation to archive the data for the transferred system also ends.

“We handle the entire archiving process for you and collaborate with authorities if necessary. You will receive information about everything related to the transfers, such as the share of your own work, minimizing costs, data security, technical options, and practical progress,” says Fjällström.

The archiving of old customer and patient data proceeds as follows:

  1. Old data is collected from the source system.
  2. The data is classified in accordance with national requirements and converted into a format accepted by Kanta services.
  3. The data is archived in Kanta.
  4. If desired, we offer the option of viewing the old data.

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ERA Account Manager
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