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Pirha to launch extensive social care information system archiving project – Atostek plays a key role

The Wellbeing Services County of Pirkanmaa (Pirha) has initiated a comprehensive archiving project for social care information systems. The data from a total of 23 different systems will now be transferred to the Kanta archive.

Pirha is one of Finland’s largest welfare regions and manages a vast amount of information. Some of the systems have been in use for over 15 years. Atostek and Digital Workforce serve as subcontractors for the transfer and archiving project under Istekki. The contract is valued at over one million euros.

“The project was packaged into a large whole, which allowed us to achieve a cost-effective unit price. The amount of data to be archived is considerable,” says Miika Parvio, Business Director at Atostek.

In practice, the multi-phase and large archiving process is divided into three parts according to different systems. The first phase targets data in passive use. The transfer of actively used data to the archive requires thorough preparation, with an estimated duration from data extraction to the archiving phase of about six months. The goal is to have the old systems archived by the summer of 2025.

Archiving enables the data from outdated systems to be preserved securely and facilitates the adoption of new, more up-to-date systems in the Pirkanmaa Welfare Region.

“Atostek has strong strategic relations with Pirha, so it’s great to be able to work with them. We have also done a lot of collaboration with Istek, and this is a good continuation of our joint efforts on such a significant project,” Parvio summarizes.