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Product Development

We are ready for even the greatest challenges in product development of industrial machinery. We have already been succesful with the world leading customers, such as Cargotec developing automatic stacking cranes for harbours and Rocla developing self-navigating industrial trucks.

Multidisciplinary knowledge

In product development, we provide more than just software. In addition to demanding algorithm design, signal processing, and machine vision, we have experience in wider scope of engineering. E.g., the applications in modern robotics often require modeling physical world.

Industrial Internet, Internet of Things,  IoT

We master the elements of industrial internet: telecommunication, device drivers, data acquisition, and analytics. Our IoT references include a maintenance software for industrial fork lifts, among others.

Scientific Computing

In scientific computing, modeling, and analytics, we have implemented solutions for problems originally claimed impossible. For Big Data or real-time number crunching, we are at your service.

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