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600Minutes Teollisuuden Tuotekehitys Summit

600Minutes Teollisuuden Tuotekehitys is an annual summit for the Finnish industrial Research and Development leaders to meet each others and providers of R&D services.

There will be plenty of interesting keynote presentations and plenary talks. Between the presentations, there will be pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings for the active participants.

Atostek Ltd. will be there with three current topics for discussions:

Mr. Juhana Helovuo, Dr. Tech.
“How to create sustainable competitive advantage by means of profound scientific knowledge”
Specific technology areas: Software Development, Intelligent Machines, Fast Computing.

Mr. Jani Sarviluoma, leading expert
“Industrial Internet – Where’s the Intelligence?”
Specific technology areas: System Design, Conceptual Planning, Machine Vision.

Mr. Mika Torhola, Managing Director
“Is technology actually serving or controlling your business?
In projects with multiple partners, it’s important to keep customer’s business goal clearly in mind”.

Additional information: Mr. Jani Sarviluoma, tel. +358 (0) 3 3126 0100

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