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Lääkäri Käyttää Pöytätietokonetta. Doctor Using Computer.

UNA Ydin Pilot off to a good start

The UNA Ydin (Core) integration and data management solution, delivered by Atostek and Digia, has been implemented as a pilot in the Hospital District of Northern Savo and Päijät-Sote (Päijät-Häme Joint Authority for Health and Wellbeing). A Tilannekuva (Dashboard) application…


The administration of a single vaccine may require input from up to three people – a Finnish company has developed a service to halve the need for vaccination staff: “The current method uses excessive healthcare resources”

Finns have been concerned in the early part of this year, among other things, with the slow rate at which people have been vaccinated. Atostek, a software company originating from Tampere, has developed a solution that makes vaccine distribution and…