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Succesful implementation of a large and multiyear information system project


The task was to manage development of a new integrated user interface (T-LOIK) in a complex IT project with multiple constructors.


Atostek has been the IT project expert in the customer’s team from the early planning stage, currently continuing in charge for the architecture, continuing specifications, and the development and production environments. The complex task aiming to renew the whole traffic control of the Finnish roads was divided into smaller sections for agile development, managed promptly by the customer with the help of Atostek’s IT developer consultants.


Thanks to agile development and firm management, T-LOIK was deployed to production use in schedule, as soon as there was adequate amount of features implemented. The development work continues with new features and system integrations deployed at regular pace.

”Atostek provides a combination of sound technical experience and fresh thinking about procurement and construction of information systems.”
Markus Nilsson, T-LOIK Project Manager, Finnish Transport Agency

Fintraffic is responsible for road traffic management in Finland. Fintraffic Road is dedicated to providing and developing services that ensure safe and fluid transportation.

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