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Efficiency and reliability by means of automation of container terminals


Automation of container terminals


Atostek has developed algorithms and software to transform container handling equipment into driverless robots. The fleet of robots receives container move orders from the terminal operating system software. The automated fleet then schedules and plans vehicle movements, drives and navigates automatically to execute those orders.

Customer benefits

By means of automatisation, the operational reliability in container terminals increased and the operation is more predictable. The damage to machinery and equipment decreased, and the operational efficiency was improved.
“It is easy for us to let Atostek do the software part, because only a modest amount of guidance from us is required.”
Timo Lehto – Director, Automation Software, Cargotec Finland
“I have found Atostek to not only bring their technical knowledge to their project delivery, but, as a team, were swift to adapt to changes and capable of providing a holistic view of what they worked on.
In the end, this resulted in a well-rounded project delivery that was ahead of schedule. I would happily engage in project work with them again.”

Dr. Trevor Fitzgibbons – Chief Engineer, Positioning Systems Kalmar


Kalmar provides cargo handling equipment and services to ports, terminals, distribution centres, and heavy industry.

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