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eRA 2.0 Integration Document License Agreement

Copyright (c) 2017 Atostek

This license agreement applies to eRA 2.0 Integration Document, later “Material”.

All rights reserved, unless explicitly stated otherwise in this document.

This agreement and conditions must be accepted by anybody using eRA 2.0 Integration interface, with no exception regarding how the Material was obtained.

The Material is provided “as is”, with no warranty and no liability to it’s applicability to any purpose.

This license grants the following rights provided that the conditions and requirements below are satisfied.

The purpose of the Material is to enable development, sales and distribution of applications compatible with Atostek eRA software. Use of Material is allowed only for applications developed exclusively to be used with Atostek eRA.

The prerequisites for the above mentioned rights are the following.

1. This agreement must be included in all documentation related to using the Material.

2. The Material is available solely from Atostek or the source assigned by Atostek.

3. Anybody downloading the Material must leave his/her contact information.

4. Redistributing the Material is not permitted.

5. Modifying the Material is not allowed nor use of modified Material.

6. Use of Material for purposes other than with Atostek eRA is not permitted.

7. No other rights are granted or implied than what is explicitly stated in this agreement.

8. Use of Atostek as a reference is not permitted without written permission, nor is impying that Atostek recommends the developed application.

9. The rights granted here can’t be sold or transferred to a third party.

10. Distributing Material along with the developed applications is not allowed.

11. The rights are granted until further notice.

12. Atostek reserves the rights to modify the Material without prior notice.

13. Violations of this agreement terminates the granted rights with immediate effect.

May 30, 2017