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Our Products

Atostek ERA

Atostek ERA is an easy and quick way to link any Patient Information System or other healthcare or social care application to KELA Kanta Services. The service includes an easy-to-use browser user interface to view and create online prescriptions, patient records, and other documents.

Recibus and Clinibus

Recibus is a cloud-based electronic prescription solution, and Clinibus is an Electronic Medical Record solution. They are based on Atostek ERA that has been in production use in Finland from the year 2014, but can be deployed and used anywhere in the world. They can form the backbone of a nation or region wide healthcare and social care IT architecture.


PET ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning system for PET centers. Atostek’s PET ERP manages resourcing, scheduling of examinations, examination data logging, and the warehouse for the medicine manufacturing laboratory. A LIMS compatible with the GMP requiremets is included.


Flexbot is a revolutionary robot software platform designed to accelerate your product development while saving costs. This platform automates the complex, and concurrent software construction process, enabling developers to focus on creating algorithms and shaping business logic.

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