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Advanced Fleet Management

Are you looking for software solutions to manage complex collaboration operations while optimizing efficiency and performance? Trust us to deliver excellence in fleet management – with our expertise in areas such as the development of intelligent algorithms, software design, and solving engineering problems, we are well-equipped to handle your needs.

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Excellence in Fleet Management

Our services go beyond simple coding. We delve deep into the mechanics of devices, ensuring we understand their functionality to deliver top-notch solutions. Our offerings include, but are not limited to, optimal software solutions for scheduling and routing.

Together with our well-known customers, such as Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe and Kalmar, we have optimized collaboration algorithms and server software for robot groups and swarms.


38% Better Capacity

Our client Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe achieved better AGV transport capacity with the help of our intelligent algorithms.

Experienced Team

Our world-class experts support the hired team, helping you navigate through challenges and find effective solutions.

Proven Expertise

In-house R&D projects boost expertise.

Ideal for:

Businesses seeking to leverage the power of robotics for advanced fleet management products such as automated warehouse management, robotized shipping container terminals, robotized public transport, and small packet delivery drone swarms.

Our expert on the subject

Lauri-Tapio Korhonen

Sales Manager
+358 44 792 4525

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