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SSAB goes digital in steel piles

Digitalisation simplifies piling design: RRPileCalc and PileWallCalc are new design tools for selecting and dimensioning of steel piles.

RRPileCalc helps to select the best pile type and dimensions for each design case, based on the vertical and horisontal loads, momentum, and the properties of the surrounding soil. The design follows the guidelines of the Eurocodes and the national piling requirements in Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

PileWallCalc calculates the cross section properties and the bending resistances for each pile size and sheet pile profile. Any SSAB steel grade with varying corrosion rates can be included into the calculations.

Detailed information about the software tools is available at the SSAB home page. Atostek has contributed to the development, maintenance, and new features of the software.

Image: SSAB