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Terveysteknologia&Health Fair, 7-9 Jan, 2015, Helsinki

Atostek Ltd. participated in Terveysteknologia&Health fair on Helsinki Expo and Convention Center, 7-9 January 2015.

Atostek’s promoted it’s health care related IT-services, such as

  • eRA ePrescription – Stand-alone online prescription system requiring no patient information systems
  • eRA KanTa eArchive – Attaches your HIS/EMR to Finland’s national KanTa eArchive (national EMR).
  • eRASmartCard – Integrates your application to Finland’s national Healthcare Professional Card
  • PET ERP – Enterprise resource planning system to handle PET workflow

In addition, an opportunity to test the new Google Glass wearables was provided. We were excited to hear your ideas about this new technology.


Terveysteknologia&Health Fair

Mr. Juho Leppämäki,, +358 45 113 8883
Mr. Miika Parvio,, +358 45 113 8881