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Atostek assisted Tampere Infra in a mobile system procurement

Atostek Ltd. assisted Tampere Infra in writing a requirement specification for a mobile system and supported the successful acquisition of the system. Tampere Infra is the unit responsible for infrastructure of Tampere, Finland.

– Atostek contributed by writing a sound requirement specification suitable for a public tender, says Mr. Miika Parvio, Atostek Ltd.

– One of our main tasks was to specify the whole context of the system into which the mobile system would be integrated. We assisted the buyer to clarify the composition of the existing system and the relations of the subsystems, and what would the corresponding technical and functional requirements be, Mr. Parvio continues.

This one was the first procurement for Mr. Risto Asikainen, Tampere Infra.

– We were assisted in parsing the requirement specification, making sanity checks, and managing the complex entity. What we already had in the first place were the operational needs and the requirements for information security and infrastructural systems. Atostek provided us with knowledge in what should be required and how. In addition to this, we got necessary background information on the pittfalls and risks involved with the procurements, says Mr. Asikainen.

– Personally, I got crucial support and strength to continue all the way to the succesful end, Mr. Asikainen continues.

Atostek Ltd. provides services for procurement of public information systems.

More information:
Dr.Tech. Risto Pitkänen, Atostek Ltd, +358 (0)40 5762 064

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