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Atostek’s Rafael Tedin to the Supervisory Board of TALENT project

Rafael Tedin Alvarez, Atostek’s Marie Curie fellow in the TALENT project, has been elected by the other fellows as their representative to the Supervisory Board of the project.

TALENT project aims at career development of young researcher. It’s training includes several years of research work in a foreign country and occasional couple of months secondments in other foreign countries. In addition to this, there are intensive summer schools providing technical and business skills.

Currently, there are 18 project partners from 8 countries, including CERN, Vienna Business School, Fraunhofer, and NIKHEF, to name a few.

The scientific scope of the project is to pilot state-of-the-art technology in the ATLAS detector of the Large Hadron Collider and thus contribute to characterising the Higg’s boson and finding signs of new physics.

Rafael Tedin is applying a new parallel programming language, developed by Atostek and Nokia, to the signal processing tasks of the ATLAS detector. The goal is to increase performance by parallelism but keep the programming source code portable, which could save lots of working hours by enhancing reusability of the legacy code.

Mr. Rafael Tedin is currently living in Tampere, Finland, and pursuing to complete his doctoral thesis to University of Coruna, Spain. His main hobbies are football and photography.

– I enjoy the international atmosphere of the project and Atostek, and I appreciate the skills provided by the project. I’m slowly learning Finnish language and I have made lots of new friends thanks to the project, says Mr. Tedin.

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