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Enhancing citizen wellbeing through health and social care applications

How should social and health care data move and what would it enable? For example, how could a Wellbeing App be used to prevent lifestyle diseases?

Like many industrialized countries, Finland faces a high prevalence of lifestyle diseases. The Wellbeing App is a mobile tool that can predict individual disease risk using data from national health and social care databases. The Wellbeing App would, for example, allow citizens to map their personal health risks and estimate their life expectancy.

Increasing multimorbidity is a challenge for healthcare systems, as it can affect treatment practices and the allocation of healthcare resources. A Health and Care Plan supports patient care planning and continuity. This service aims to standardize patient care plans and streamline their processing.

At the Future Hospital 2024 (Tulevaisuuden sairaala 2024) event, Mika Torhola, CEO of Atostek, will discuss the new operating models enabled by the national social health and healthcare infrastructure. How can lifestyle diseases be prevented through a Wellbeing App? And how can people with multiple illnesses benefit from both a Health and Care Plan and a Wellbeing App?

Join us and our experts to explore the latest in digitalization and health and social care at the Future Hospital 2024 event! This hybrid event will be hosted in Helsinki on April 23-24.