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Stop wasting your autonomous machine development resources

Do you consider software development for autonomous machines to be a slow and expensive process? Are your developers possibly spending their time maintaining the software platform instead of developing algorithms that could give you a competitive edge?

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Don’t fall behind your competitors

Thinking innovation: We will introduce you to cutting-edge autonomous machine applications and software development breakthroughs.

Insights from experts: Hear from our experts who will share their practical experiences and insights into autonomous machine development. Our experts will also answer frequently asked technical questions.

Business opportunities: Learn how our robot software platform can optimize your operations, enhance production, and bring significant cost savings.

In addition, we will discuss the following questions and introduce you to Flexbot – a robot software platform that streamlines your product development, saving you both time and money.

  • What is Flexbot, and why is it important?
  • How is it possible to integrate Flexbot into an existing software?
  • What are the immediate benefits?
  • ROS2 has a large user community; how can I confidently embrace Flexbot?

Keynote speakers

Juhana Helovuo, DSc

Chief Research Officer

Juhana Helovuo has been leading Atostek’s development of AGV and cargo handling robot software for key clients such as Kalmar and Mitsubishi Logisnext since 2005. He is a hands-on software engineer who can design advanced algorithms, as well as an R&D executive capable of communicating ideas to business people. Juhana has a Doctor of Science degree in software engineering, which he received in 2006 from Tampere University of Technology.
+358 40 822 9299

Lauri-Tapio Korhonen


Lauri-Tapio Korhonen has built a successful career in the field of sales and has solid experience especially in the industrial and logistics sector. In recent years, he has delved into the realm of the software industry and is eager to offer innovative solutions to his clients. Lauri-Tapio is a solution-oriented sales professional, and prioritizes his customers’ needs. He wants to deeply understand his clients’ visions and requirements, enabling the creation of tailored implementations that precisely align with their needs.
+358 44 792 4525

Curious about the benefits Flexbot offers? Book a meeting and let’s explore the possibilities together!

Lauri-Tapio Korhonen

Sales Manager
+358 44 792 4525