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Google Glass development for professional applications by Atostek

Google Glass development is now aiming for professional use in commercial applications. Google improves the glassware, and consulting companies develop applications. The  glassware is available for enterprise customers only through the consulting companies, such as Atostek. Currently, the glassware is not offered to consumers.

A Google Glass user has a single transparent video screen in front of the right eye and a voice connection. There are also a camera, a microphone and variety of sensors included to the hardware. In addition to voice commands, there is a touch surface user interface for control. An additional mobile phone is required for transmitting the data to the Internet and to other users or applications. The smart glassware is very suitable for interactive real-time usage.

Typical commercial usage include, among others

  • Police work, e.g. stolen vehicle identification in Dubai
  • Security, event recording for security officers on field
  • Education, a surgeon can learn to perform surgery
  • Meetings, attending a group meeting while traveling
  • Industry, remote maintenance
  • Consulting, providing remote expert support

Atostek Ltd. implements demos and real added-value applications on the top of the Google Glass platform. We can bring the demo to customer’s premises and rapidly prepare a prototype according to the customer’s needs to illustrate the desired application. The path from the prototype to production is clear and short.

Kuva: Jarkko Niitylahti
Google Glass demo in progress at Atostek Ltd.

Additional information: Mr. Jani-Petteri Peltovuori, Atostek Ltd., tel. +358 40 523 0250