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Necora: Electronic prescription integration in 3 days by means of Atostek eRA


A Finnish company Necora reported successful integration of electronic prescription to a healthcare information system in just three days by means of the Atostek eRA service.

An electronic prescription is not an easy feature to add to existing information systems because it requires connection to Finnish Patient Data Repository which is controlled by the Finnish authorities. Atostek eRA service is an instant solution to the problem.

– Atostek eRA is an easy, fast and very well documented service for integrating electronic prescriptions to healthcare information systems. The technical phase of the integration was completed in only three working days and we were able to deliver the functionality to the end customers quickly, says Mr. Matti Mäkelä, CEO of Necora Systems.

– Atostek provided prime quality support both in the programming and deployment phases. Usability of eRA is good. Due to its neutral style, eRA is straightforward to embed into different information system user interfaces, Mr. Mäkelä continues.

– eRA is the only service available in Finland capable of seamless integration of patient information systems and Kanta system, and furthermore, capable of providing direct access to Kanta without an expensive patient information system, say Mr. Juha Leppämäki, the eRA Project Manager at Atostek.

-We will shortly introduce Patient Data Repository support to eRA, which will provide connection to the national Finnish archive, says Mr. Leppämäki.

Additional information:
Mr. Matti Mäkelä, CEO, Necora Systems Oy, tel. +358 44 540 0448
Mr. Juha Leppämäki, Project Manager, Atostek, tel. +358 45 113 8883