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Problems with transactions on behalf of minors – Many guardians have been unable to print out certificates from My Kanta

Covid-19 vaccination and test result certificates are currently required for travel and Covid passports. Many guardians of minors have had an unpleasant surprise, when they have been unable to print out certificates from My Kanta.

Currently you can print out Covid certificates from My Kanta or request them from healthcare professionals. According to instructions from Kela, a minor’s guardian can print out their underage child’s certificates from My Kanta. However, there have been problems with this – why cannot you print our their certificates although you should be able to?

Patient record systems must be up to date

Kanta Services enabled transactions on behalf of minors already in 2020. Guardians of children over the age of 10 can see their children’s health data, subject to the child’s consent. This consent is usually enquired from the child for each consultation or series of consultations.

In practice, however, handling matters for a minor only works if the healthcare organization treating the child has performed all the necessary changes in the patient data system.

If the patient data system has not been updated, the information whether the child patient is capable of making a decision or whether they have given their consent cannot be recorded, even if the child expressed their wish. My Kanta interprets missing information to mean that no consent has been given, meaning that the information cannot be accessed. This also prevents any certificates based on that information to be printed out.

If the patient data system has been updated, the healthcare organization will enter, separately for each service event, information on the patient’s capacity for making decisions and their consent for allowing their guardians to act on their behalf. This enables a minor to decide which consultation information their guardians can access. The idea with the reform has been to increase minors’ control over their personal data.

Information system updates taken into account in Atostek eRA

Changes have been implemented slowly, but we have already performed all necessary information system updates for our customers. All integrated healthcare systems provided through Atostek eRA have been incorporated with features that enable acting on behalf of minors. Please contact the organization treating your child to see what their situation is.

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Marjaana Karttunen
Atostek eRA services