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Industrial Internet: Cloud Platform for Healthcare

Atostek, Espotel, Nextfour Group, Turku University of Applied Sciences and PerkinElmer/Wallac have started a joint research project “Industrial Internet Reference Architecture for Medical Platforms (RAMP)”. In addition, each member of the consortium has it’s own research project related to the common research topic of cloud-based health care applications.

The joint research project supports companies’ strategic decision making in technical development leading to networked services on cloud platforms.

The RAMP project specifies a reference platform architecture covering all necessary components and required services. The platform will be implemented as a proof of concept using state of the art technology.

-A joint project will produce knowledge available for anybody, but the research topic focuses on the specific needs of the consortium members. On the other hand, the members contribute the joint project by evaluating the platform. This will support the whole Finnish ecosystem and help to identify and solve technical challenges in broader scope than in a project of a single organisation. Finally, add the substantial financial contribution of Tekes and we have enough resources to export the results produced even by the smallest companies in the consortium, says Mr. Mika Torhola, Managing Director of Atostek Ltd.

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Atostek Ltd. contact information:
Mr. Mika Torhola, Atostek Ltd., tel. +358 3 3126 0100