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System independent connection point to Finnish health archive provided by Atostek

Atostek Ltd., Tampere, Finland, has developed a software-based service which enables any patient information system to be connected to the Kanta services, Finnish Prescription Centre and Patient Records Repository. The software passed the audition required by the Kanta service provider Kela, the Finnish independent social security institution.

The eRA software offers a single interface for connecting to the Kanta services thus enabling writing electronic prescriptions and interfacing with the national patient information archive.

The eRA service for connecting to Kanta services is a simple off-the-shelf solution with substantial cost saving potential if compared to application specific custom interfaces.

– eRA is the only service available in Finland capable of seamless integration of patient information systems and Kanta system, and furthermore, capable of providing direct access to Kanta without an expensive patient information system. Electronic prescriptions and patient information can be written using a standard browser interface.

eRA system was developed using agile methods and it’s scalable to small and large systems. Today, it has been in productive use for more than a year, in which time tens of thousands electronic prescriptions have been made.

According to Mr. Mika Torhola, the managing director of Atostek Ltd., nationwide deployment of Kanta services has been generally delayed simply because it’s a challenging task.

– Even in those organisations already connected to Kanta, there are lots of software applications which are not yet connected. In addition to this, there currently are some major renewal projects in national health care. Therefore, the need for eRA is urgent. We have lots of satified customers and the interest is growing every day, says Mr. Torhola.

– We can immediately provide Apotti and other national or regional projects – such as UNA or ODA – with a simple and easy way to connect to Kanta services through an open interface.

Atostek and THL (National Institute for Health and Welfare in Finland) organise a workshop on deploying Kanta services.

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Mr. Mika Torhola, tel. +358 (0) 45 113 0300

Mr. Juho Leppämäki, tel. +358 (0)45 113 8883