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Optimisation software tools get new user experience

Atostek Ltd. and Tampere University of Technology (TUT) develop new user experience for optimisation software tools. In the SORVI project, a functional prototype will be developed for a software tool suitable for demanding design and computing tasks.

This new tool introduces a modern graphic user interface that will run on multiple platforms and provides the user with easy access to heavy duty optimisation capabilities.

– The SORVI project is part of the commercialisation effort of the optimisation knowledge possessed by Department of Civil Engineering and Department of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Systems at TUT. We want to design the tool on terms of the end-users and we aim for contemporary yet simple impression for the user interface, says Mr. Eronen, Atostek Ltd.

– This software tool can be used together with various FEM-based optimisation tools. The embedded engine for optimising primary structures was developed at TUT. The actual optimisation task will be formulated and controlled using the new user interface, continues Mr. Eronen.

– This project is part of the Tutli programme in which long term research results are commercialised. In particular, we have clearly chosen the user-oriented approach. In order to differentiate from the competing projects, we deploy collaborating partners with special expertise in the field of software usabililty, says Mr. Sami Pajunen, the project leader at TUT.

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Contact information:
Sami Pajunen, TUT, tel. +358 40 849 0571
Mr. Mikko Eronen, Atostek Ltd., tel +358 3 3126 0117